MOCHIZUKI Masataka, Ph.D.

Sanyo-Onoda City University is a piquant school located in Yamaguchi, the westernmost prefecture of Japan's main island, Honshu, near the Seto Inland Sea. The campus is full of highly motivated students situated in peaceful countryside near the plentiful ocean. I much appreciate the opportunity to work with those young students with futures full of hope.

The university was established in 1987 based on the collaborative work of the local industry in need of superb human resources and a prestigious university known for its outstanding science and engineering education, Tokyo University of Science in Tokyo. The school was opened originally as a single-department private college only with the engineering department, turned into a public school in 2015, and recently, in 2017, added a new department, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

We are now stepping into the new era with the fresh establishment of the brand-new department. Thus, backed by the synergetic collaboration of our long-established engineering department and the brand-new Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, we are ready to accelerate further production of well-trained and educated engineers and pharmacist scientists leading technology, science, and medicine tomorrow.

Looking back at the dynamism of Japanese history, Yamaguchi produced numerous highly ambitious young revolutionists during the Meiji Restoration, who set the foundation of modern society and advanced technologies in Japan. I have no doubt that highly talented graduates from our institution are entirely capable of contributing to society like the pioneers during the Meiji Restoration or even to a greater extent.