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Dean of Graduate School of Engineering

NAGATA Fusaomi


I am professor Nagata Fusaomi. In April 2020, I assumed my duty as the dean of the Graduate School of Engineering (GSoE) at Sanyo-Onoda City University (SOCU). The GSoE aims to prepare graduates with valuable skills and capabilities in science and engineering who can contribute with practical solutions to various kinds of existing problems ranging from industrial fields to human needs and society. The GSoE of SOCU has a master program with five specializations students can select. These specializations are: 1) mechanical and control engineering, 2) electrical and electronic engineering, 3) information science, 4) material science, and 5) organic and biochemistry. In addition, the GSoE has a doctoral program for students who would like to intensively pursue the two additional specialized fields of 1) mechanical, electrical and information and 2) chemistry and materials science. These engineering specializations are recognized as one of the most important and fundamental academic and research fields.

As you know, the technological evolution and the exciting realizations of the 4th industrial revolution, also called Industry 4.0 and its resultant super smart society named Society 5.0 are enabled by technological innovations, such as AI, deep learning, IoT, big data, robotics, mechatronics, intelligent manufacturing and their integration, and are now drastically and dynamically progressing on a global scale. Our GSoE is aiming to produce students who can suitably play the roles required from both industrial fields and human society performing flexibility and originality according to environment changes and needs. In order to support the students, our academic colleagues in the GSoE are facing the challenges to conduct various types of collaborative research and education in close cooperation with local industry, government and community.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who recognize the outcomes of our educational and research policies, practical programs and curriculums and expect the best in our future developments. In addition, we are looking forward to meeting you as you aim to foster and enhance initiative and creativity at the GSoE, SOCU.

Prof. Nagata Fusaomi, Dean of Graduate School of Engineering