Makoto Hojo

Dean of Faculty of Engineering

NAGATA Fusaomi


From the mid-twentieth century, rapidly increasing population and the resultant bipolarization of living standards have been growing increasingly severe, engendering friction of all kinds among individuals, communities, and nations. Technology can be expected to provide a direct path to solutions to overcome these obstacles to our comfortable and convenient lives with plentiful resources including food. In such a context, novel technologies must be nurtured and developed to prevail rapidly throughout the world. All members of our Faculty of Engineering are anxious to identify novel phenomena, develop innovative technologies, and foster students as future international scientists and engineers governed by strong ethical principles.

The origin of our Sanyo-Onoda City University (SOCU) is the Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi, founded in 1995 as a college of science. Even now our faculty lays special emphasis on the study of pure and applied science, which will be directed at new technologies, in activities of both research and education. The Faculty of Engineering of SOCU comprises three departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Applied Chemistry. A wide scope and diverse areas of research are explored in each department. Some of these are readily apparent by following the links to department pages. Our educational feature is that all three departments offer a "Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education (JABEE) course" that is designed and accredited to train skilled engineers. JABEE is sanctioned as a member of the Washington Accord. Activities of social contribution, especially to local communities, are also well recognized among our faculty. Onoda district is a "birthplace" of modern industry in Japan. We hope our activities in support of research and education will launch new industries not only in Sanyo-Onoda in the coming decades, but also throughout Japan and beyond.